Amazon Fire TV Cube Announced - 4K Ultra HD Fire TV with Alexa

We have already reported that there was an Amazon Fire TV Cube in the works and now it is official. The new Amazon Fire TV Cube, a hands-free 4K Ultra HD streaming media player with Alexa allows you to control your TV from across the room. You can find and watch your favourite TV shows and movies, power your TV on and off, change the volume, switch to different inputs, and change the cable channel—all with just your voice. [ 194 more words ]

Nest Hello vs Ring Doorbell Pro vs Doorbell 2 vs Doorbell

Having recently reviewed the Ring Doorbell and loved it, I thought it would be good to compare the options currently available for a smart doorbell. With Nest Hello now being available, there is a bit more competition on the market and it offers some appealing features over the Ring products if you can justify the cost. Rather than develop a like for like product, it looks like Nest have deliberately made Hello offer some distinctive features over Ring. [ 347 more words ]

Sonos Beam - Finally a Sonos soundbar with HDMI

Sonos produce some great speakers, and the soundbar and soundbase are superb options if you have invested in Sonos already. The problem with them is that they use optical and if you are a movie geek this is not the best option for audio as it isn't compatible with some audio standards. Sonos have finally announced a soundbar that does have a HDMI, the Sonos Beam. [ 189 more words ]

The Best Mobile Phones for Kids and Teenagers

In our modern age, connectivity is becoming ever more vital and nowhere is this more apparent than with our young people. Unlike most of us, they were born into a world brimming with technology, where iPhones, 4G and social media are the norm – practically part of the furniture. With that in mind, it's extremely important to consider which mobile device you let your child use. [ 1,268 more word ]

Lenovo Z5 vs Asus Zenfone 5

Lenovo Z5 launches with very similar specification to Asus Zenfone 5 #LenovoZ5 #AsusZenfone5

iOTA Slim 14" Celeron N3350 Laptop Review

It has been a while since I have reviewed an ultra-budget laptop, but they are popular on Amazon, and for good reasons, because they are so cheap. iOTA is one of the many brands offering such a device, they don’t have the brand recognition as Dell or Acer, but the laptop they sent me is well priced for the specification. [ 1,011 more word ]

Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 chip built for Windows PCs

Qualcomm is on a bit of a roll as of late, announcing chips for multiple purposes other than a Smartphones, they have announced a new wearable SoC as well as new chips specifically for VR headsets. They are now going all in with Windows 10 on Arm, moving away from focussing on just smartphone chips. The company unveiled the Snapdragon 850 -- a processor designed specifically for Windows devices. [ 412 more words ]

WWDC 2018 - No new hardware, iOS 12 aims to make old phones faster

WWDC is more about software than hardware, but it often includes some new releases, last year there were several announcements with the 10.5in iPad Pro, iMac improvements and the HomePod. This year then felt a bit underwhelming as we saw no such releases, it was all about the software. iOS12 The biggest news as always is the latest version of iOS named iOS 12. [ 593 more words ]

ASUS ROG Gaming Phone with speed-binned 2.96Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and 802.11ad Demoed

We are seeing lots of new products come out from ASUS this year at Computex 2018. With the most interesting being the new ASUS ROG Phone which has some mighty impressive specs which put the Razer phone to shame. ASUS claimed to have developed the phone using speed-binned Snapdragon 845 SoC making it run at 2.96Ghz compared to the 2.8 GHz on the standard S845 smartphones. [ 515 more words ]

Nvidia 65-inch 120Hz G-Sync HDR Big Format Gaming Displays will launch this year

Nvidia and their OEM partners ASUS and Acer announced a new range of monitors / TVs at CES this year. The Big Format Gaming (BFG) Displays have an impressive specification with an enormous 65-inch screen a resolution of 4K, HDR support and a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz, G-Sync and an Integrated Nvidia Shield Android TV. At Nvidia's Computex Press Conference the company stated that gamers could expect Nvidia's BFGD's to release at the end of the Summer, though the company has since clarified that they will launch before the end of 2018. [ 205 more words ]

xFyro xS2 Wireless Earbuds Review

Completely wire free earbuds have become very popular in the past few years and I have reviewed some decent options including the Sudio Nivå most recently. xFyro is a company I was unaware of until they contacted me and the only product they currently sell is the XFyro xS2, at the moment this is not available on Amazon UK, but there is a product listing. [ 844 more words ]

It's official Nokia have sold Withings back to the original owner.

As expected, co-founder Eric Carreel, who sold the business to Nokia just two years ago, has completed the re-acquisition for undisclosed terms, Nokia and Withings announced. Nokia rebranded its Withings division as Nokia Digital Health in February 2017 and shortly after they revamped the Withings app which received a large amount of criticism since then there has not been much word on new products. [ 175 more words ]

Nest Hello Video Doorbell launches in the UK today

Ring has dominated the video doorbell market for the past few years, but other companies are starting to get into the act which includes Google-owned Nest. The Nest Hello has been available in the UK for some time now, but it officially launched in the UK today. Offering very similar functionality to the Ring options, Nest Hello customers will be notified when a guest is at the door even when they are not home via their mobile phone, and can choose to have a natural conversation with HD Talk and Listen. [ 203 more words ]

Acer Holo360 Camera Review

Acer Holo360 Camera Review - A 360-degree all in one camera (and phone) #Acer #Holo360

Crowdville – Make money by testing products & services

Crowdville is an innovative platform that gives you the chance to earn money online by trying out new products and services. As this crowdsourcing website launches in the UK, here’s all the details on how to sign up. Being paid just for giving your opinion on something seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? The reality, however, is that this is exactly how Crowdville works. [ 391 more words ]

Compress 4K to 1080p | Get this UHD Video Processing Tool for FREE

WinXDVD has always been well known for their tools to rip DVDs into various formats, but as we have moved away from DVDs, WinX has broadened their horizons with the HD Video Converter Deluxe. Since 2006, WinXDVD has been around for 12 years now, and as part of the twelfth-year celebration they are giving away 500 copies per day of their 4K video converter - WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe. [ 759 more words ]

Samsung enables AMD FreeSync on NU8000 LED TV & Q6FN, Q7FN, Q8FN and Q9FN QLED models

Gaming on a big screen is great but TV LED displays generally don't perform quite as well as a gaming PC monitor. If have a Nvidia card and require G-Sync, plus have plenty of cash you will be able to get one of the Big Format Gaming Displays (BFGD) that was demoed at CES this year. However, for the rest of us, if you have a 2018 model Samsung… [ 147 more words ]

HTC Is Making a Blockchain Phone

Most people know of the blockchain as the ledger that records cryptocurrency transactions. With the help of gadget manufacturer HTC, the world may soon associate the blockchain with smartphones, too. The brand recently announced its intentions to make a blockchain-enabled phone. If successful, it could change how people use their phones and access the associated data. It’s Called the Exodus… [ 711 more words ]

The iPhone X Is Perfect For Gaming

When it comes to gaming, many people are now opting to play on their smartphone rather than console or PC. It can be argued this is due to a number of factors which include the fact that it’s a lot more convenient to game on mobile. There have also been lots of advancements made technology wise where smartphones are concerned, with many now being capable of producing a stunning gaming experience that is comparable to what you’d expect to find on a console. [ 419 more words ]

How to Give Your Gmail Account That Awesome New Interface

There is no doubt that Google’s services are the most commonly use and popular services on the internet today. As of 2016, Gmail, which is an email service developed by Google, had more than 1 billion users. That number has increased significantly and it is now close to 1.5 billion. Google’s Inbox, which was released a few years ago, was the perfect solution for people who were interested in productivity and wanted more options included in the email client; however, for many users, the old Gmail works just fine. [ 763 more words ]

New Acer Nitro VG0 and RG0 Series Gaming Monitors

Many of us are dreaming about owning the new 4K HDR Acer Predator X27, but in reality, it will be out of reach for anyone but the most affluent gamer with reported prices to be around £2,199. For gamers that are not lottery winners, Acer has announced a new range of monitors that are much more wallet-friendly. The new VG0 and RG0 gaming monitors both use AMD FreeSync which cuts down on the costs quite a bit. [ 214 more words ]

Acer Announces Gaming Predator Helios 500 & 300 Notebooks with Core i9 and GTX 1070

Acer has held an event today launching several new devices with many of them focussing on gaming. This included the launch of two new gaming laptops today, the Predator Helios 500 and 300. The Predator Helios 500 has the latest Intel Core i9 CPUs combined with an overclockable NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 graphics. As with most Predator laptops, you get some typical gamer styling with blue lighting and trim accents that pop on its obsidian-black chassis, the keyboard is also backlit with RGB. [ 186 more words ]

Goodbye notches. The fullscreen Vivo Apex launches on 12th of June with its pop-up selfie camera

The Vivo Apex made waves at the start of the year at CES, with the trend of notches emerging at the time, Vivo bucked the trend and tried something completely different. They integrated a pop-up selfie camera along with in-screen fingerprint reader, this allowed them to develop the Apex with a screen that covers over 98% of the front of the phone. [ 235 more words ]

What Gadgets Have In Store For Gaming?

The gaming industry is now serious business and the past few years have seen massive developments in gaming and gaming accessories. As a result, there is a growing interest in what will be newest as well as most innovative gaming gadgets to come next, and which of these are set to shape the future of gaming? Manufacturers have been producing gaming devices more high tech than just mice, joysticks and… [ 503 more words ]

How to Handle the Errors for Android Wear APIs

Although Apple still dominates the Wearables market, from the look of things, Google is catching up. Android Wear is becoming more and more popular every day and at the moment, according to Mashable, there are over 4000 Android Wear apps on the market today. The True Potential of Android Wear Of course, Android Wear offers a ton of great features out of the box, like push notifications, calendar, etc. [ 539 more words ]

Toshiba TransMemory U365 128GB Review

The Toshiba TransMemory U365 is the latest high capacity USB drive from Toshiba with capacities ranging from 32GB up to 256GB that uses USB 3.0 with a claimed max speed read of 150MB/s The drive uses 3D Flash memory BiCS FLASH which allows them to achieve larger storage capacities. It comes in a plastic housing which feels a little on the cheap side, but the USB section slides back into the shell to provide some protection when transporting it. [ 343 more words ]

Eve & Mattress Apps Worth Knowing About

Sleep trackers, also known as mattress apps, are mobile applications designed to analyze sleep habits and help improve the quality of sleep. People from across the globe are struggling with sleepless nights, which triggered an upsurge in the development of various sleep monitoring apps. There are numerous sleep tracking apps available for the iOS and Android platforms, some more accurate than others, some wearable, some not, some free, some not. [ 507 more words ]

Best Mattress Gadgets to Own: Simba Tips

The National Sleep Foundation states that 45% of Americans are suffering from insufficient sleep or poor-quality sleep. Such dramatic statistics have raised awareness on the adverse effects of not getting enough quality sleep and have driven people to look for solutions that could help them fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and even monitor their sleeping behaviours. While a good mattress is the foundation of a good night’s sleep, a sleeping environment expressly designed to induce and maintain sleep can increase the quality as well as the duration of sleep significantly. [ 501 more words ]

HTC U12+ Full Specification Leaked Plus Photos

Serial leaker Evan Blass has done it again with his latest leak. This time we have the full specification of the phone including images. One of the first things you will notice is the lack of a notch, while it has slim bezels it is more of a 2017 style rather than 2018. The display itself is a 6-inch 2880x1440 18:9 Super LCD. [ 150 more words ]